Best solar panels in 2019

Best solar panels in 2019

Solar energy is today the most sustainable and stable source of energy that exists, especially in areas such as ours, with sunshine for more than half of the days of the year. That's why solar panels are a great choice for self-supplying small homes or helping to reduce your electricity bill. But what are the best solar panels we can buy?

Best solar panels

Establishing the best solar panels is not easy, as personal appreciation of how good a solar panel is depends, in large part, on the personal needs of each of us: a large panel, with a great value for money and a huge battery energy storage capacity can be very inappropriate if it is excessive for our energy needs, is too large for the space we have to place it or exceeds our budget.

It is important to understand that there are different sizes of solar panels (there are 36, 60 or 72 cells) and that the larger the size the higher the absolute price, the higher the energy generation and the greater the spatial needs.

And it should also be borne in mind that solar panels are losing power generation over time, so you have to look at the warranty offered by each manufacturer and the estimated useful life of the product, because it would be useless to have a photovoltaic panel that would be very efficient but lose that efficiency at high speed.

In any case, the main manufacturers of solar panels include the Chinese company Yingli, which offers products with an unbeatable value for money, and LG, which offers the best performance per cell. The best 2019 solar panels are from these two manufacturers, specifically the Yingli YGE 60 Cell Series 2 for the category of 60 cells or less and LG NeON 2 for 72 cells.

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