Latest solar-powered inventions

Latest solar-powered inventions

Commitment to the environment is increasingly in vogue. That is why in recent years many companies are betting on new inventions with solar energy. A type of energy that, in addition to being beneficial to the environment, is extremely profitable for our domestic economy.

Inventions with solar energy

One of the latest solar-powered inventions is a solar oven that works from reflective mirrors. It is these mirrors that collect and concentrate the sun’s rays on the plate to heat it. It is clear that both its power and its cooking speed will be slower than those of a traditional oven, but it is a more than interesting first step. 

Another solar-powered invention that is working is that of solar speakers. A device that integrates a series of panels to be recharged and offer a total autonomy of up to 20 hours of operation. In addition, they are speakers that not only provide excellent sound quality, but are also waterproof and very resistant. 

Solar smartwatches will soon become one of the gadgets of the moment. These watches incorporate a solar panel to charge the device’s battery by simply exposing it to the sun for one hour. The features and functions of this intelligent watch will be the same as those of any conventional smartwatch. 

One of the latest solar-powered inventions being worked on is the solar airplane. The best known prototype to date is the Solar Impulse 2, a device that aims to fly with the sun’s only source of energy for five days and five nights without stopping to refuel. 

To these, we should add other solar-powered inventions such as solar cars, solar laptops, solar plugs, solar showers, solar barbecues and solar backpacks.

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