Girasol Energía

Experience that welcomes change!

We are a company created in Alicante that emerged as an extension of Idun Energy, a company associated with the energy sector for more than ten year, which serves the residential sector (single-family homes, penthouses and communities), plus small and medium-sized businesses.

Girasol Energy was born with the objective of specialising in renewable energies, paying special attention to the development of turnkey projects. We work with local suppliers in Castalla, Cocentaina and Alicante with whom we seek to promote local trade and provide a better service to our customers. Also, the carbon footprint related to the development of our projects is reduced by utilising suppliers and manufacturers of local origin and therefore producing zero kilometre pollution.

Idun’s know-how is related to energy saving, this is their speciality. In this way, Girasol Energy is able to its clients the opportunity to develop renewable energy projects and optimise energy savings, thanks to its all the experience it has gathered during the ten years of working in the energy sector.

Because there is always another way of looking at things

We are an energy consultancy firm with a team in the energy sector since 2009 with a vocation to add value to energy savings. We believe and understand that renewable energies are a present, possible and unstoppable reality. We focus on the industrial, tertiary and residential sectors, both public and private.

Our objective, apart from always offering the best of our customer service and advice, is to become a leading company and a reference in the national energy renovation project focused on renewable energies, specialising in solar panels.

A team of people with one goal in mind: adapt and help you take your first step!

Girasol Energy is characterised by being a dynamic company, which adapts to the needs of its clients and looks after their interests, seeking the best option to satisfy the clients’ needs in their requirement of renewable energies, always obtaining maximum savings at top quality level. Manufacturer’s guarantee and efficiency

Our values:

  • Dynamism.
  • Efficiency.
  • Trust.

How do we work?

  • European manufacturing
  • Manufactures’ guarantee
  • Legal Stamps and Quality Control
  • Speed

Join Girasol Energy and play an active part in the change with us