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Benefits of Installing Solar Energy with Girasol Energía

As well as benefiting from a large annual saving on your electricity bill, you will be more independent, cleaner and greener than ever before.
Take advantage of our natural sunlight and don’t pay more than you have to for your energy!


From the first moment you start enjoying your solar panels, your consumption of traditional electricity decreases and, therefore, so does your bill!


You will always be able to generate your own energy without running the risk of running out of natural light


Installing solar panels in your home or business means that you control your bill and you control your conditions.


Green energy is that of renewable origin, meaning that it is produced by natural resources such as the sun, which is inexhaustible. Move to green, switch to renewable energy now.

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Free Study

Contact us and we explain everything in a simple and clear way, in order to clear all doubts and confirm that you are taking the right step. The engineering area will prepare a report in which the best option will be evaluated according to your consumption and once determined, our team will make a technical visit to your home to refine the installation details.

Peace of Mind

We offer you a 10 year warranty on solar panels and structures, as well as civil liability insurance of up to € 900,000 that covers any damage to the property due to the installation and post-work guarantee of up to € 900,000, which covers any damage after the works.

Flexible Payment

We offer 100% financing of the installation so you can pay as it suits you.

Más Ahorro

With our Ahorro Plus service you can save the energy you do not consume and consume it in other months that you may need it at zero cost! Click on the icon to know more.

The best quality

At Girasol Energía we only work with the best materials. Photovoltaic solar modules manufactured in Spain and European manufacturing materials and equipment which favors access to subsidies and benefits.

Advice on subsidies and bonuses

Our team will advise and inform you about the bonuses and deductions of the IBI and ICIO, as well as possible subsidies from which to benefit.


Do you have doubts about photovoltaic energy or installation? 

Check frequently asked questions.

What kind of solar panel installation can I do have in my house?

As the name implies, these systems are personalised systems that we at Girasol Energy install in isolated homes or homes whose owners want to be totally disconnected from the public distribution network. Therefore, never paying a traditional electricity bill again. If you are already connected to a distribution network and have the electricity bills then this type of facility has a return on investment period of 8-9-10 years, depending on consumption. If you are not connected to a public distribution network and your property is isolated, the period of time on the return of your investment will be halved.


This type of independent system requires the storage of energy using batteries which are essential for this type of solar energy system in order to guarantee a 24 hour electrical supply.

An isolated self-consumption solar energy system is usually found in regions where the public network electricity grid does not reach due to the long distances, or the high cost of installing it in such remote areas with a low population and so far away from larger urban centres. These isolated solar systems are composed of photovoltaic solar panels, a charge regulator, accumulators or solar batteries and photovoltaic inverters.

These are the most common systems and, according to a new law, will be more effective and profitable in the future. These are installations of solar panels for self-consumption that are connected to the interior of a supply network and are also connected to a public electrical grid with a transportation or distribution network.

This type of energy system has a depreciation of 4-5 years and at Girasol Energy we have facilities to provide a return on investment possibility thanks to the new law on self-consumption. The accumulation or storage of energy is not essential in this type of solar self-consumption facility since the public network electricity grid is used in cases of low or non-generating green energy by solar panels. The installations connected to this type of network are composed of photovoltaic solar panels, a charge regulator and photovoltaic inverters.


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