What kind of solar energy system should I install at my place of business?

Solar energy is suitable and viable for any type of company or industry, although it is true that for some activities it can have many more benefits than for others. At Girasol Energy we are offering a return on investment of between four and five years, , taking into account that the guarantees of the materials do not go down within 10 years and the solar panels do not drop from a 25 year guarantee. Needless to say, this time span is more than profitable and beneficial to all concerned. Solar energy is, today, the best tool to be able to save on electricity bills while minimizing CO2 emissions, which also improves your corporate image. In addition, opting for a self-consumption energy system for your company can also translate into benefits beyond savings. It could mean a potential increase in your sales due to the growing number of customers who are committed to the good health of the environment and therefore prefer to use the services of companies dedicated to green energy. A green energy certificate for your business, a caring image for your employees, customers and suppliers, as well as giving much more value to your business as a whole. What more could you ask?

Installation of a self-consumption solar system connected to the network   

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These are the most common systems and according to a new law, will be more effective and profitable in the future. With the new law coming into effect immediately your company will have direct savings not only on the electricity bill but also on days off, weekends, bank holidays, and vacation times, etc., as you will have a discount on your bill for the unused surplus energy which will be returned to the public grid network. These are installations of solar panels for self-consumption energy that are connected to the interior supply of a consumption network and also connected to a public electrical grid belonging to a transportation or distribution network.

This type of facility has a return on investment period of four to five years, and at Girasol Energy we have facilities and budgets which are repayable by the new law of self-consumption energy. The accumulation or storage of energy is not essential in this type of solar self-consumption energy supply facility because the electricity grid is used in cases of low or no generation of green energy by solar panels. The installations connected to the network are composed of photovoltaic solar panels, a charge regulator and photovoltaic inverters.

Isolated self-consumption energy systems

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These systems offer a high profitability factor for those companies that use a diesel generator to obtain electricity as a generator is quite expensive and difficult to transport. With Girasol Energy, this type of solar energy system would be easy, simple and profitable.

With this type of solar energy system it is advisable to request an ‘under no obligation’ estimate to be able to calculate the potential return on the investment required.

Installation type Girasol Solar Consulting

This is an exclusive product offered by Girasol Energy to its customers. These self-consumption solar panels are connected to the interior of a consumer network, and also connected to a public transportation or distribution network. Girasol Energy is proud to be able to offer its customers an incredibly low price which is unbeatable in the energy market today!

We have worked for more than 10 years in the electrical sector and we can give a cost price per kilowatt that no other trader can offer. This unbeatable price is under offer for one year, under no obligation to continue on a permanent basis, and neither is it included in the terms and conditions of our contract.

This type of facility has a return on investment of three to four years. The accumulation or storage of energy is not essential in this type of solar self-consumption facility since the public electricity distribution grid network is used in cases of low or no generation of green energy by solar panels. The installations connected to these systems are composed of photovoltaic solar panels, a charge regulator and photovoltaic inverters.


Whether it is an installation in a large company, or in a small or medium-sized company, farms, agricultural areas, or schools, etc., they can all receive numerous benefits.

Savings in energy costs.

The installation of solar panels directly creates a significant drop in the cost of your electricity bill. This is a crucial factor for any company since it makes the difference between whether a project is viable or not. In addition, it also protects your company from the constant increases in the price of traditional electricity from the moment your installation starts generating energy. What will the cost of a kilowatt be in one or two years time? And how much will it rise by within the next 25 years?

Increase in competitiveness.

The reduction of costs translates directly into the possibility of offering more competitive prices to your customers. Obviously, the money that is not spent on energy could be invested in multiple projects that could enhance the position of your company in the market and could be the key to your success.

Reduction of CO2 emissions.

By generating your own green energy, you contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and curbing climate change in this way. This is a commitment to the environment that is in line with all European guidelines. Betting on renewable energy increases corporate social responsibility and better brand image considerably.

Business differentiation.

Solar energy adds differential value to your company and reaches a greater number of customers with a renewable conscience. And reality shows that the public is increasingly committed to ethical, responsible and sustainable products. Your company will be able to access a growing market niche thanks to our renewable energy policy.

Show your commitment to sustainability.

You know perfectly well that this is not only a current trend but also a true reality. Let's stop a minute and think about the future of our planet. Not only will you benefit directly on your electricity bills, you could open up other fields of your business and gain more customers with your serious commitment to sustainability.


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