Spain, the country with the most renewable energy possibilities in Europe

Spain, the country with the most renewable energy possibilities in Europe

Currently, it can be said that Spain is the country with the most renewable energy possibilities, much more than other countries that have completely normalised the use of this kind of energy. In fact, many countries wonder why, if we have so much sun and wind in Spain, why we don’t take more advantage of our natural resources.

The enormous possibilities of renewable energy in Spain

One the one hand, Spain is slowly gaining rhythm step by step following the struggle in the production of renewable energy, and new goals are being set so that at least 20% of the energy produced in 2020 will come from renewable energy resources.

On the other hand, the objective of the European Union is to reach 32% in 2030 (with a revised upward trend in 2023). With the liberalisation of the sector and the cancellation of the sun tax, more and more companies and individuals are using wind generators, installing solar panels, and even solar parks, as well as other means of obtaining energy from natural resources.

The Association of Renewable Energy Companies (APPA), announced that, in a short time the new Spanish energy vision will result in an investment that will be between 80,000 and 100,000 million Euros. In Spain we have many hours of natural sunlight per year, especially in the southern half of the country. Therefore, solar parks are starting to proliferate, which will create a greater capacity to generate natural energy. The same is happening in many corners of the country where the force of the wind causes more and more wind turbines to be installed, producing large amounts of energy.

Undoubtedly, Spain is one of the best places in Europe to obtain green energy thanks to our climate and our geographical location, something that can put us at the head of energy production in a few years’ time.

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