Top 3 photovoltaic system successes

Top 3 photovoltaic system successes

The energy shift is one of the major events of the 21st century. Photovoltaic power plants continue to multiply in every corner of the planet. Advances in research and technology predict an exponential growth of this type of structure as a solution to the problems of energy efficiency and environmental care.

The leading countries in the production of photovoltaic solar energy are India, China and the United States.

It is in these countries that we can find the most important photovoltaic successes in the world.

Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park

This giant of photovoltaic structures is located in India, in the district of Kurnool, in Adhra Pradesh, and occupies an area of 2400 hectares.

The Kurnool park has more than 4 million solar panels with capacities of 315 and 320 watts of power. Its total capacity is 1000MW. On sunny days the park can generate more than 8 million Kwh of electricity, enough to almost completely satisfy the electricity demand of the entire Kurnool district.

Longyangxia Hidro Solar PV Station

Another monument in terms of photovoltaic plants is the Longyangxia station, located in Quinghai province in China.

This plant uses mixed hydro-solar technology. Its total area is 9.16 square kilometers. It has a capacity of 1280 MW. Studies by the Chinese government on its performance estimate that it will contribute some 483 Gwh annually to the country’s electricity network.

Solar Star

The “sun star” is a photovoltaic plant located near Rosamond, California. It has a capacity of 579MW and occupies an area of 13 square kilometers.

The particularity of this plant is that it uses fewer solar panels than others to produce almost the same power. The Californian plant has 1.7 million panels mounted on single-axis trackers to optimize the reception of solar radiation.