Why invest in renewable energy

Why invest in renewable energy

It has been revealed, after carrying out many different researches concerning renewable energies, that it is estimated they will achieve a 36% share of the energy mix worldwide by the year 2030. This will notably increase the GDP to 1.3 trillion dollars. This prediction has to make investing in renewable energy an extremely interesting and important energy alternative to consider in today’s world.

Reasons why to invest in renewable energy

It is a source for a completely ethical investment, something that is becoming more and more authentic in this country. The target set in Spain for 2020 is to produce around 20% of all energy thanks to clean energy. For that reason it is currently investing so much, although we still have enough to be able to co-exist with other countries in Europe.

Another important reason why investing in renewable energy is the current decline of fossil fuel, something that today suggests is insurmountable. In the absence of this kind of energy and also due to the effects of pollution, the investment in renewable energy will continue to be a special tonic that will increasingly have a presence both in industry and society. Solar and wind energy attract more than 17% of global investments in the energy sector, a trend that continues to rise and we will continue to see in the coming years. In addition to large companies, organisations and large investors, we must not forget that investment in renewable energy is accessible to smaller savers.

You can invest from 50 or 100 Euros. In addition, it should be noted that investment in this energy is safe and secure, as shown by the current 17% of investment in this industry so far. It is something that continues to grow year after year and which now amounts to around 278,000 million Euros.