Everything you need to know about the new Royal Decree on self-consumption energy supply!

Everything you need to know about the new Royal Decree on self-consumption energy supply!

On April 5, 2019, the new regulation regarding Photovoltaic Self-Consumption energy supply was established (Royal Decree 244/2019) and it has brought with it many new features. For this reason, having a company specialising in self-consumption energy supply within the Alicante area may be very beneficial to many home and business owners.

What is photovoltaic self-consumption?

There is a lot of confusion in this regard and we must remember that this type of solar energy systems are installed in homes and industries that already have a connection to the public distribution network grid.

The objective is to consume the energy that is generated directly from the panels and thus save on the electricity bill, but you cannot save 100% of the electricity bill as many people think. The bill is composed of costs assigned to the Power Terms and costs assigned to the Energy Terms.

The costs of the Power Terms are fixed and are linked to the amount of power contracted and consumed, which is why they will not be compensated for, but, due to the power provided by the solar energy panels, in some cases this cost could be reduced.

There are two types of self-consumption energy; without surplus energy and with surplus energy.

  • Without surplus energy; this system requires an anti-spill device that guarantees no energy is lost from the network. This type of system has minimal administrative procedures.
  • With surplus energy; this system will, at certain times send energy to the public distribution network. There are two models of this type of energy supply: urplus energy subject to simplified compensation and; surplus energy not subject to simplified compensation.

With the first model, the energy marketer or trader will compensate the energy discharged to the public distribution network. With the second model, the surplus energy will be discharged to the public distribution network, but it will be on a sales basis and not considered as compensation. The price of the energy will be what is decided by the legislation of electricity generating facilities, and cannot be negotiated at any time.