How many people use solar panels in Alicante?

How many people use solar panels in Alicante?

Even though the area of Alicante has several solar parks such as those found in the Beneixama solar park and the El Realengo solar farm, there are more and more people living in this area deciding to install solar panel energy systems, as they are all aware of the numerous advantages obtained with only a small investment.

Increase of the use of solar panels in Alicante

We prefer to refer to this as an investment rather than an expense. Given that, with the installation of a good set of solar panels, you will not only recover your investment within a short period of time, provide your own energy but even be allowed to sell-on any surplus energy.

So, Girasol Energy can offer you an energy supply system that could provide you with any number of benefits. Last April, a new regulation on self-consumption energy was approved by Royal Decree which stated that there will no longer be any tax levied on the sun. This topic has been so, high-profile in the media that the use of solar panels has been increasing over time and is proving to be something of an upward trend, which will most certainly be reflected in a positive way from this year onwards. Another factor of great importance to explain why the use of solar panels in the Alicante area has been increasing over time is because this region enjoys many hours of sunshine throughout the year.

Which, as we are already aware, is an indispensable requirement for generating solar energy and converting it into electricity. In addition to being able to take advantage of the electric power generated by a solar panel system, it should also be noted that the any surplus energy generated can be sold to the electric companies.

This is another incentive to encourage more and more people living in the Alicante area to invest and acquire a set of solar panels to and start enjoying the many immediate benefits it brings.

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